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Page 3

this page was a pain to draw, and i'm not happy with it at all. but i decided i couldn't make it better without starting over, and it has already been long enough since i posted the last page. *cower* i still have a lot to learn.
baby hoku
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part one - cover

hmmm, i think i like the black&white style. it's not too time-consuming and still looks good. but i'm still struggling with the digital outlines at some points...

in case someone loves playing with colors, here's the full version (2480x3508px@809KB grayscale) for you to work with. just make sure the (c) remark stays there. :)
baby hoku
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about this comic

i devised the story a couple years ago, when i was dreaming of becoming a great manga artist. *cough*

after a longer break, i decided to draw again, and soon discovered that i'd love to make a webcomic. i remembered the old concept, read through it again, and decided that it wasn't too bad.

hopefully i'll be able to keep it up. i won't set a certain day of the week for updates because there are more important things (university and such) that often take a lot of time.

i will also be experimenting with style and some more things, so bear with me if not everything turns out perfectly. ;)

synopsis: a freshly fallen angel and a vampire meet in katakai, which is the most terrible city of the galaxy.
it's a rather serious and tragic story, but not without some laughs and sarcastic remarks.
this story is purely fictional and in no way related to real angels, demons, vampires, etc.

the characters: (character appearance differs slightly from the pictures presented here):

alianore used to be a good angel, but was expelled from her home and turned into a fallen angel. she still believes in goodness, and at times can be extremely naive.

calan is the opposite of alianore - he is rude, mean, and doesn't care too much about others. katakai is the perfect place for him - nobody asks any questions if someone "disappears" there.

sly is a gargoyle, a thief, liar, and coward. he would sell his mother if he had one.